Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vapor Life

"Live every moment like it was your last." You see the quote everywhere. To be honest, it makes me exhausted just reading it.  There are days I feel like I am fighting just to be able to get through the day and do the basic things...Is it even possible?

I have been reminded several times in the last few days of the brevity, the complete and total shortness & quickness of this life.

"How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog--it's here a little while, then it's gone." -James 4:14

A lady with 5 other children went into labor yesterday morning- no complications, just like every other pregnancy. By the afternoon, she had a new baby boy, but was suffering from severe hemorrhaging. When we got the call to bring the plane in to fly her out, Josh & I scrambled to get the little bit of medical gear together that we had, oxygen, bandages, & meds. As we were getting him out to the car, we received another call informing us that it was too late. She had died.

Heartsick & helplessness just overwhelmed me. Why had they waited so long to call? If we had just known sooner. What if? If only? WHY?

I talked to my sweet Papa on the phone this morning and he told me about a dear friend of his. He was fit and happy in his 80's with no aches & pains to speak of. Less than a month later, he was dead. Cancer covered his whole body and he didn't even know. My Papa will be a pallbearer at his funeral in a few days.

Life is SO SHORT & you never know when it will end for you or someone you love. I understand the heart behind living every moment as if it were your last. But, it can easily become motivated by fear. Fear that this will be the last moment. In my life, this would be lived out in every moment filled with tears, holding my children, spending time with my husband, never moving beyond my comfort zone, & letting the rest of the world go to waste. For you it may look totally different. Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with throwing all else to the wind on focusing in on your family in comfort. But is this all that God has called us to? Living every moment in fear that it's our last or someone else's last?

Live every moment with hope. Hope that the Lord is in control. When you clean your house instead of playing with your kids. When you played with your kids all day & you left your house a mess. When you met with a friend in need instead of going to the gym. When you don't meet with a friend because God has someone else in mind. Hear His voice. He will guide your days & your every decision.

Life is short. Too short to second guess your every decision & take upon your shoulders the responsibility of the outcome of every decision. Live every moment at the feet of Jesus, hearing His voice, full of hope.

Our loving, serving, & doing must flow out of hope from our place at His feet.

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  1. So sorry for your loss Candy.
    I love your perspectives.
    Thanks for sharing!