Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Dreamers

Dreams. That word brings up different feelings for different people. We all have good dreams & bad dreams. We all dream of doing big things, of traveling beautiful places, of the person we will marry, of the life we want to have. 

And then you have THOSE dreams. Dreams that mean more. The ones that are so real, you can touch them, taste them, see them. The ones that excite your spirit & encourage your soul. I don't think all dreams are signs or spiritual even, but THOSE dreams. I think it's God talking. To encourage you, to start you on a path, to give you hope. It's like He took the thought right out of His own mind & put it in yours. He is written all over it. 

Sometimes He even gives you dreams that He fulfills in others. He gives you dreams FOR others. Instead of realizing this, we just get mad because God isn't fulfilling or giving us our dreams. We mope & cry, when in reality, The Lord is wanting to use us to help prepare others for His dreams! Think of all the other times in Scripture when God gave dreams that weren't fulfilled until years later with someone else- Abraham, Daniel, John...

As a mom, I have started asking The Lord to give me His dreams, not just for me, but for my babies. 

My Mom had a dream when she was younger. She dreamed of going overseas as a missionary. That's what she wanted to do. But, God had a different plan for her. His dream for her was to be a pastor's wife & to walk the road of adoption & be the Mom to 16 kids. The young dream she had was fulfilled the day an 11 year old little girl told her, "Mom, I think God want me to be a missionary." She then told me about that dream that God had given her as a little girl. 

I want to dream God's dreams. It gives me chills just to think that God would choose to accomplish His purposes & dreams in people like you & me! 

Dream, dear dreamers. Dream God dreams.

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