Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Could Never...

You hear it a lot. Everywhere you go. The multitudes of "I could nevers. And a lot of them from such opposing views. "I could never have that many kids." "I could never just have one child." "I could never homeschool." "I could never trust someone else with my kids education." "I could never go to a church like that." "I could never marry that person." 

Or the ones that hit a little closer to home for us. "I could never live in a third world country." "I could never take my kids away from their grandparents." And the one we hear the most often, "I could never do what you guys do." (I heard this one a lot when we were on furlough last year.) 

Well, I have news for you. No, you couldn't. And yes, you could.

This mindset of "never coulds" comes from living a life of comparison. We see others doing what seems like the impossible or others not doing things that seem so easy or natural to us. We tend to idolize those who "do the impossible" & look down on those who "can't" even do what we do. "Look at that family with 12 kids!" & "I have 3 kids, & I can handle it, so why can't she?". "I can't homeschool, so we do Christian school," & "You're putting your kids in public school???". "You go to that church? Well, we go to this church." And on and on. Comparison is such a joy, peace, & relationship stealer!

The Lord plainly & clearly called us as missionaries to the Philippines. The only reason we can do this is because that is what He has called us & enabled us to do. I "couldn't" do anything else unless He called me to that as well. So, no. You can't do what I'm doing, because what I am doing isn't what He has called you to. I can't do what God has called you to do, because He called YOU. 

But, you could do what we do, if He called you to do it. He would give you exactly what you needed just like He gives you exactly what you need now. When preparing to move overseas, I thought about stepping on that airplane, waving goodbye to my family, taking my babies away from their grandparents & I thought the exact same thing. "I can't do it." So thankful that my God isn't limited to my can'ts. The day came & I stepped on that plane & waved goodbye. HE DID IT! And He will do for you whatever it is He has asked you to do. 

So, be careful with those, "I could nevers." Focus on what He has called you to & encourage those around you in what He has called them to. He is not limited by our nevers. Just ask Him. 

                                  4 years after the "never"

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