Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What It's Like- A Series

Some days, it is a really exciting life. It seems surreal- living on a tropical island in the ocean, palm trees & crabs in my yard, serving & doing what makes our hearts glad. You can almost feel God's smile.

Other days, aren't that great. Like yesterday when Little J got stung 9 times by bees. Or when I hold Sweet Pea crying because she misses her cousins. The incessant heat, power-outages, & loneliness.

As I was thinking the other day, I realized that even though my blog is called, "The Ramblings of A Missionary Wife," I actually don't share much about what it's like being & living as a missionary. (I usually end up getting "preachy.")

So I decided to do a series of posts about what it is like living here in the Philippines as a missionary wife. What is our house like? What do we eat? Do my kids like it here? Is it weird having people live with you? How do you celebrate holidays?

I hope to give you a little glimpse into our lives & how the Lord has made this little island our home. Look for the first "What It's Like" post about our house & town! Coming soon!

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  1. I am so excited about seeing more into where you live, and what it's like! You guys are my modern-day heros! Love you dearly!