Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dalton Kids' Quotes

Just a few-

"Bubba, if you don't hold Mommy's hand when we cross the street, you will be smushed by a car and you will die." -Anna

"Sweet Pea, when you are ugly to me, you are not earning treasures in heaven." -Joshua

"Mama, I can't do that, exactly." -Anna

"Teddy Bear, you must believe in Jesus or you will go to hell." -Anna

"I need some curfume (perfume) too, please." -Anna

"I need more nolit paper, Mama, to clean my bottom." -Anna

"If you do not wash your hands after you play outside, then the germies and the wormies will go from your hands to your mouth, then through your tummy and then they will make your bottom itch." -Anna

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